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FOL Quotes

Quotes from the characters of the Facts of Life

"I just had another one of my brilliant ideas", Blair

"Something's wrong, and I'm going to find out the truth", Mrs. Garrett

"There's nothing wrong with your hormones", Mrs. Garrett

"We are in troubleeeee", Tootie

"Why would you want to be a skinny pencil? I'd rather be a happy magic marker", Natalie

"There are people in this world that get shoved around, and there are people that do the shoving", Jo

"Why would you want to be popular? You have to smile and talk to people and all that stuff", Jo

"I hate teaching people how to drive. They're nervous, they make mistakes, and they cry when you slap them", Jo

-Excerpt from "Out of the Fire"-

"I can't believe this is my 7th year in Peekskill (the smallest, dullest town on the face of the earth)", Blair
"Another year with the people we know best (I give us two weeks)", Jo
"I'm going to miss you all (Tuesday Florence, Thursday Naples)", Natalie
"You'll be back, face it we'e inseparable (you'll be back, face it we're inseparable)", Tootie
"I may come off as a cynic, but I envy your friendships (I wonder where she's keeping her money?)", man

"Ah shoot, shoot", Mrs. G
"What's the matter Mrs. G?", Jo
"Did Tiny Bubbles rub you the wrong way?", Nat

"Guess what we just dug out of the solar green house", Jo
"Your face?", Blair
"It's a bok choy", Jo

These quotes were submitted by Sunshine4353@aol.com:

Blair: Mrs. Garrett, I have to talk to you right now.
Jo: Can't you wait till tomorrow to make a fool of yourself?
Blair: No, I can't.

Blair: (turns on lamp when girls are asleep) Mrs. Garrett's having a personal tragedy!
Jo: You're gonna be having a personal tragedy if you don't turn off that light!

Tootie (waking Jo): We have to help Mrs. Garrett!
Jo (slaps Tootie): Why?

Blair: Oh my word!
Jo: What?
Blair: Ohh...
Natalie: What?
Blair: There's a hair in my menu!
Jo (blows it out): Not anymore. Order!

Jo: We would've got to the show on time if it wasn't for your detour through Bloomingdale's.
Blair: I only stopped in for a scarf.
Jo: Yeah, and then it was a blouse, and then a sweater, and then the entire spring line of Bill Bloss! Who ever heard of a designer named Bill?

Blair: I got you to the ticket center on time, didn't I? It's not my fault the lady in front of us bought the last forty tickets.
Jo: She was a nun, Blair. Everyone knows they don't go anywhere alone.

Blair: (turns on hair dryer)
Jo: Hey! (reaches over and turns off dryer) Farrah, you're melting my toothbrush.
Blair: I need puff!
Jo: Puff?
Blair: It's a Blair Warner trademark. Puff is the difference between my hair... and your hair. (turns dryer on again)
Jo: (turns off dryer again) Yeah. That and a barrel of born blonde.

Blair: (sighs)
Jo: I hate it when you do that.
Blair: Do what?
Jo: Sigh!
Blair: I don't sigh.
Jo: Well, if it wasn't a sigh, you gotta slow leak.
Tootie: Cool it, you two.
Blair: (sighs again)
Jo: You did it again!
Blair: It's called breathing.
Jo: You do it just to annoy me.
Blair: No, I do it to keep from dying.
Jo: Now there's an idea!

Mrs. Garrett: But I promise you, the problem is only temporary.
Jo: Wrong, Mrs. Garrett. The problem is Blair.
Blair: Me? She's completely unreasonable, Mrs. Garrett. She hates it when I breathe!
Jo: That sound makes me crazy! If you were my bike, I'd give you a lube job!

Mrs. Garrett: It's the bill for the damage you did to the school van last year. It's marked "paid in full."
Blair: You mean, we don't have to work in the kitchen anymore?
Mrs. Garrett: That's right.
Jo: We're free?
Mrs. Garrett: Uh-huh.
Blair: Then we can move back into the dorms?
Mrs. Garrett: Uh-huh.
Jo: We're free?
Blair: And room with anyone we want?
Mrs. Garrett: Now wait a minute! You girls have become like family! And believe me, families are hard to come by.
Jo: We're free! Blair, do you know what this means?! I never have to hear you breathe again!
Blair: And I never have to look at your ugly face again!
Both: (scream and jump up and down)

Blair: My, my, my. Trouble in paradise.
Tootie: You butt out, Blair.
Jo: Yeah, you tell her, Tootie.
Tootie: And the same goes for you, Mr. Good Wrench.

Mrs. Garrett: I have news for you. There will be new girls taking over your kitchen duties and moving into your old room.
Blair: New girls?
Natalie: In our room?
Mrs. Garrett: That's right. I want it cleaned, swept and painted for the new tenants. So I expect you tomorrow at 3:00 ready to work. Wear your old clothes.
Blair: Mrs. Garrett, I don't have any old clothes. (Sees Mrs. Garrett's look) I'll buy some.

I'll post more quotes soon, but if you have any more e-mail them to me at z999liz@aol.com