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Nancy's Chat Transcript

Nancy McKeon Lifetime chat transcript

lifetime_host: Nancy, welcome!

nancy_mckeon: Hi everybody! I just want to say thank you so much for your generous support over the years, and I hope you are enjoying our new Lifetime show, "The Division."

gemini_44_2000 asks: Are you at all like your character on "The Division"?

nancy_mckeon: Gosh, no! LOL! Probably the complete opposite! But that doesn't mean that I can't relate to her experiences. I find her incredibly interesting and challenging. And as an actor it's so much fun to be able to play a character like Jinny.

bump126 asks: What was it like being on "The Facts of Life"?

nancy_mckeon: We had a lot of fun. The show was great for me. It was a great time of my life. And I'm just grateful that I had the opportunity to be able to be on a show with tremendous people, while I also got to learn a lot.

pok963 asks: Do you keep contact with the cast of "Facts Of Life"?

nancy_mckeon: We speak every now and again. It's hard because everybody has different lifetstyles - some have children, some have moved to other parts of the country, so it's hard to keep in close contact.

coily2 asks: How do you see the character of Jinny developing?

nancy_mckeon: Through the end of this season, we'll see her really come face to face with a lot of the issues that are driving some of the destructive patterns in her life. And hopefully if we get to have a second season, we'll see her work through a lot of the things that we'll reveal over the next several weeks, and come to terms with several situations in her life.

dawn270 asks: In the future, do you plan to be in any motion pictures?

nancy_mckeon: That's always a possibility; at the moment I don't have anything planned.

sunshine3_99999 asks: Enjoyed your portrayal of Rosalie Profaci in "The Last Mafia Marriage." What was the best part about making that movie?

nancy_mckeon: Hmm. There were so many great parts to that movie. Probably the top few would be having a chance to work with a terrific actor like Eric Roberts, the aging process, going through all those different time periods with the clothes and the makeup...And being able to be part of telling a great story.

jbcrakhed asks: How does working with the new ensemble on "The Division" compare with the ensemble from "The Facts of Life"?

nancy_mckeon: It compares in that I get to work with great actors. And it's completely different because it's a different show, a different time period...
But being able to work with these actors is really a gift.

nancymckeon01 asks: Hi Nancy, I love you so much! You are my idol and I think you're great. Do you have any advice for somebody who wants to go into acting?

nancy_mckeon: Thank you so much for the kind words. My only advice would be that you absolutely can't think of anything else to do! LOL! Because like anything else, it can sometimes be a long road. And you should really love the world of make believe before venturing into it.

jujuy_lulu asks: I heard you were in karate. What type do you take? I am in Tae Kwon Do so I think it is very cool we have something in common. :)

nancy_mckeon: Yes, absolutely, I study martial arts. I have a great privilege of studying with Grand Master Tak Kubota. The style is Shodakan.

jinny_jo_2001 asks: Did you like working with Michael J. Fox?

nancy_mckeon: Always. He's a great actor, and more importantly a great friend.

lifetime_host: Are you still in touch?

nancy_mckeon: We talk all the time. And if you'd like to find out more about Michael, please go to http://www.michaeljfox.org

rebelchicky asks: What is your favorite color?

nancy_mckeon: LOL! Gosh, it changes all the time! Right now I love blues
Sometimes I'm into greens.

anebres512 asks: Do you get to choose guests? topics? wardrobe?

nancy_mckeon: As far as guests and topics of the show are concerned, we have amazing casting people and producers who choose them. If we have a friend or somebody that we know who we think woulf fit a role perfectly, they are always open to the idea of that person. If we have a storyline that might intrigue us we are always free to go to our writers and producers and run it past them.
Whether they use it or not is up to them. As far as wardrobe, we have a wonderful wardrobe designer, and we usually collaborate on what we think is best for the character in the scene.

nufoundfreedom asks: I know that your dream was to write and direct your own film, how did you feel once you accomplished that goal?

nancy_mckeon: It was a great feeling. Because it reminded me that you can't do anything alone, and how much love and support I have in my life.
The experience was amazing. And what I found is that if you really want to do something and you set that dream in motion, usually there will be great people to help you make that dream come true in your life.

nancy_mckeon2000 asks: What is the hardest part about making the show?

nancy_mckeon: Probably the hardest part of making an hour drama like "The Division" are the hours. We can work anywhere from 15 to 18 hours a day. But we have a great group of people, so if you have to spend that much time at work....at least we all have a good time!

truckerjae asks: What was it like riding around with real cops on the night shift? Was it dangerous?

nancy_mckeon: It was fantastic! And sometimes a little scary. Not that I felt that I was in any immediate danger, but because the situations I found myself in were so far removed from any place or anything that I had ever been a part of.
That it really gave you pause for thought. The two detectives that I rode with were from the LA Sheriff's Department, Detective Bob Harris and Detective Mark Renfrow. And they were awesome. They gave me a bullet proof vest and a sherrif's jacket, and the night I was out with them, we'd leave at s 6:00 in the evening and finish the shift at 7 or 8 in the morning. They taught me a lot.

Meesh_G asks: Does Nancy do her own stunts for "The Division"?

nancy_mckeon: I try to do as many things on the show as possible. Because this way they are able to shoot my face, instead of the back of someone's head doing a stunt. So far I've been able to do most things....gotten a little hurt a couple of times! LOL! But it's always fun to at least try.

lt_jg_meg_austin asks: How do you get along with the other actresses and whom of them do you like best?

nancy_mckeon: We all get along great. There are really amazing women and actresses...I work mostly with Lisa Vidal, who plays Magda. So I spend most of my time with her. But we all try to get together for dinner or a drink when we can. It's hard because we're all working at different times.

olympicbuf asks: What is your brother, Phil, up to these days?

nancy_mckeon: My amazing brother is getting ready to produce another movie, but in the meantime he is hosting a two hour sports show on the YRN Network.
That's http://www.youthradionetwork.com So you can see him weekdays from 4-6 on the internet.

acme4689 asks: Hey, what's going on with "The Facts of Life" reunion? Are you doing it?

nancy_mckeon: Unfortunately that particular story has spun wildly out of control! And no there are no plans for a reunion involving me at least.

brickmaker7 asks: "A Cry For Help" must have been a difficult role for you. How did you prepare for it?

nancy_mckeon: Yes, that was a very diffcult movie to shoot. But also a very important movie. Because of what Tracy Thurman was able to accomplish. I spent several weeks at UCLA in the rehab department, learning the skills I needed to represent Tracy's injuries the best way I could. Other than that I spent a lot of time with Tracy herself. Who gave me absolutely the courage to even attempt telling her story.

dyke_24 asks: Even though you have been acting forever, you seem to have managed to stay so grounded and down to earth...why do you think that is?

nancy_mckeon: Thank you for the kind words. The only thing that I can say is I'm just blessed to have an amazing family and group of friends that love and support me through anything.

sunshine3_99999 asks: What was it like to work with Jean Smart?

nancy_mckeon: I love Jean! She is the best! If you are ever given the opportunity to learn from one of the best like I was given you take that job and jump up and down with joy. We had a wonderful time on that show. And even though it was only one season, I had some of the best times of my life doing "Style & Substance."

michelle_jeter2 asks: Who is your Role Model?

nancy_mckeon: I would say I have a few. The top two would be my grandmother on my mom's side...And most definitely my mom.

mirandaa15 asks: Hello Nancy. "The Division" is fantastic! Congrats to you and the other actresses who bring it to life. (My friend and I have the first Division site other then Lifetime's of course.) What's it like playing the flawed Jinny Exstead?

nancy_mckeon: Wow! Thank you so much for being so devoted to our show! I have such a great time bringing Jinny to life. she is incredibly flawed and I suppose I relate to that! LOL! And we have a great time doing the show. Thank you so much for your support.

aquamoon76 asks: What sort of character would you like to play in your next movie? Are you leaning towards playing stronger, grittier women now?

nancy_mckeon: I choose the characters that I play based on the script that I am reading. If I can find something in that character that I can relate to and feel that I can bring to life in a credible way, and the story is one that I myself would want to watch, that's how I usually choose my projects. I've been lucky enough to be able to go from comedy to drama and play very different kinds of women. But I don't have anything specific in mind for the next project. Hopefully I'll be able to explore this character that I am playing now for at least the next few years. Because as an actor, she is very intriguing for me.

nakitidl asks: In the Intimate Portrait on you, I heard that you once discarded a "Facts of Life" script. Which episode was this for?

nancy_mckeon: Actually, as tales go, that one was made a little bigger than real life. What I objected to in that particular script was that they were going to make Jo rich. And to me that changed the whole dynamic between Jo and Blair. And I didn't want to see that happen. So the episode that was in question was eventually re-written to keep the characters intact.

cool_dude_ryan_sims asks: what was your most embarrassing moment?

nancy_mckeon: Hmmm. I don't think I have just one! Its really hard to choose from the variety of moments! LOL! But the great thing is absolutely to be able to laugh at yourself under any circumstance, because it makes what you are going through so much easier. I think a sense of humor in life is essential.

rebelchicky asks: What is your favorite food?

nancy_mckeon: Wow! There are so many good foods to choose from! Probably, and it's not the healthiest choice out there, I would have to say pizza!

imagination_girl_317 asks: Did you like working with George Clooney?

nancy_mckeon: I love George! We always had a great time. He is so funny. And I hope he does more comedies. So you can really see his sense of humor. That he wasn't able to completely show on the amazing show E.R.

babseyjd asks: Did you realize that Lela Rochon guested on "Facts"?

nancy_mckeon: No, I didn't. And I'm not sure that she did. If you can share that information, I may win something at work!

gemini_44_2000 asks: What is your number one goal for the future?

nancy_mckeon: That's a tough one. To continue to find five things at least everyday that I'm completely grateful for.

Milt0506 asks: Nancy, how do you stay so great looking? You look amazing. (And you're only a little younger than me... :) )

nancy_mckeon: Thank you mom! LOL! And if you're not my mom, thank you, thank you, thank you! But remember I have a team of professionals that work on me for at least an hour in the morning before we shoot.

bigkid_7 asks: Nancy, do you think it's ironic that your parents started your modeling/acting career to pay for college, but you never went to college? Do you regret not going to college?

nancy_mckeon: Well I don't regret anything, because what's meant to be I truly believe certainly is. I have taken a few extension courses, and I've gone to college on TV! LOL! I've played a college student on television! So I feel I've had some of the experience! But there is always time for school in the future.
I'm just grateful I was lucky enough already in my life to be able to make a living at what I love to do.

tlc4x4 asks: In the episode where you wrestled that guy that shot the dog, later in the episode you had a bandage on your wrist...did you really hurt it?

nancy_mckeon: Good for you for noticing the details! There was actually much more to that fight scene that was cut out. Therefore the reference to how I hurt my wrist was also cut out. But because we had already shot the footage we couldn't do anything about the bandage. Sometimes that happens.

snlhollywood asks: Hey Nancy! Could you please wish me a happy 15th b-day today?

nancy_mckeon: Happy, happy birthday snlhollywood! I hope your day is amazing.
And you have many more exciting birthdays to come. Thank you for sharing part of your birthday with me!

kmlj918 asks: Will the character of Jinny be further explored so that we may see where her distructive tendencies come from?

nancy_mckeon: Absolutely. In the upcoming episodes we will begin to see her family life and what has gone on in the early portion of her life which will make where she is at now very clear.

andromeda2790 asks: I'm a big fan of the "Facts of Life." What was your favorite episode to film?

nancy_mckeon: Wow! I'm not sure, after nine years it's hard to pick just one!
But some of my favorite shows where with Alex Rocco who played me dad on the show who also is playing my dad in "The Division."

agent9_9 asks: Hi Nancy...Bonnie Bedelia is such a great asset to the show. What have you learned from her, if anything??

nancy_mckeon: You are absolutely right. Bonnie Bedelia is amazing. We are so lucky we have her as our captain. I learn things from her every time we work together. And have been a big fan of hers myself for years.

crueff2000 asks: Truthfully, how different is your show's depiction of law enforcement as opposed to your experiences riding with LA Sheriff's department? From your perspective

nancy_mckeon: Well, keeping in mind that this is a drama show, we come as close as we can. Technically we try and get things as accurate as possible. I would say that obviously in real life cases may not be wrapped up in as quick as a time period as we do it on the show. But for storytelling purposes we have to take a little bit of dramatic license where we need it.

sal_bones asks: Was your appearance on "Starsky and Hutch" your first time on TV?

nancy_mckeon: It was my first time in an acting role. I had done many commercials prior to "Starsky and Hutch."

imagination_girl_317 asks: When you have free time, what's your favorite thing to do?

nancy_mckeon: But it was my first role, yes. What free time?!? Whenever there is free time I like to spend it with my family and friends. I have a beautiful godson that I love to play with. Since I study martial arts I go to class as often as I can. And just get together with friends, see movies, whatever, the usual sort of thing.

acme4689 asks: Of all the characters you've potrayed, which ones can you most relate to?

nancy_mckeon: Well there is a little bit of something in each of the characters that I've been able to portray that I relate to. If there wasn't I wouldn't know how to bring that character to life. Even if it's just an understanding of something that they've gone through, or something small, there has to be something to relate to regarding this character you are playing, so you have some place emotional to start from.

michelle_jeter2 asks: Would you want to work again with anyone from the "Facts of Life" Cast?

nancy_mckeon: When I had a series on CBS called "Can't Hurry Love," I was able to bring Charlotte Rae on as a guest star and we had a great time. So something like that is always fun.

lava99v asks: do you get nostalgic when you watch yourself on Nick at Night?

nancy_mckeon: I have to say that although I love Nick at Night I don't actually watch our show!

glasgowbhoy1967 asks: Hi, I enjoyed your work on "Facts of Life," and I'm enjoying "The Division." The question I want to ask is: Do you enjoy Television? If so, what are some of your favorite programs, past and present?

nancy_mckeon: I love television. Mainly because I love being told stories, whether in a half hour comedy form, or an hour drama form or a documentary. Some of my favorite shows would be "The West Wing," "Fraser," I love that new show "Ed," "Law & Order"...Some of my older favorites would be "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," "I Love Lucy," "All in the Family"....

flashbackseries asks: Have you ever turned down a role because it was against your values or beliefs?

nancy_mckeon: Well when reading a script that I might potentially participate in I try to see it from whomever the character's point of view is that I would be telling the story from. But there have been a few times that I have said no to projects because of content. A story I wouldn't watch myself and didn't feel that I could really participate in telling fully.

cool_dude_ryan_sims asks: If you weren't acting what would you be doing instead?

nancy_mckeon: I probably would have gone to school and either become a teacher or another lawyer in this world that we may not need!

bigkid_7 asks: Nancy, do you really play the piano (like your character Jo)?

nancy_mckeon: When I was little I took piano lessons, but unfortunately there wasn't enough time in the day to keep up with my lessons, so I gave it up, and I regret it now because I love the piano. So one day I may have the time to take lessons again.

pride1973 asks: They say that every cause or foundation has a celebrity. What cause do you feel strongly about, and why?

nancy_mckeon: The things I support would be breast cancer awareness, because both my grandmothers had breast cancer, and I've already lost one to the illness. Parkinson's research. Because my grandfather had Parkinson's and also one of my best friends is fighting that battle right now. And AIDS research.
My mother was an HIV nurse for many years. And I've lost a lot of wonderful friends to AIDS. I would love to see a cure found.

lifetime_host: Thank you Nancy for joining us this evening!

nancy_mckeon: Thank you so much, I've had a great time! And thank you again for all your generous support, not only of my career in the past, but of our current show, "The Division," on Lifetime.

lifetime_host: Thanks to everyone who joined us this evening!

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